Credit Repair Articles

Essential Steps to Repairing Your Credit

Good or Bad Credit

Stop "thinking about" repairing your credit and start doing it! To many people get stuck in the planning stage and never take the essential steps to putting plan to action! Here are tips to working with a credit repair service to improve your credit.

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Common Reasons Why People File for Bankruptcy

file for bankruptcy

You have requested for your records from one of the three credit reporting agencies. Once you opened your credit report, you felt shocked, then worried. You have seen a dozen of debts that need to be settled immediately. And the value of each debt is not that easy to pay off.

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How Filing Bankruptcy Effects You and Your Credit

Filing Bankruptcy

How Filing Bankruptcy Will Effect Your Credit While bankruptcy is often a last-resort measure, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Filing for personal bankruptcy may be the only option available to you; even though, it can be very hard on your credit rating. Filing for bankruptcy and its effect on your credit Filing for bankruptcy may damage your credit less than missing ...

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