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The staff at pride ourselves in providing information to consumers who are interested in improving their credit
on their own.  You can do it!  But it does take a lot of determination,excellent organizational, and negotiating skills.    Sometimes its best to let someone else step in and be your middleman.  That person can be a friend / family member or even a credit repair company.
Another option is to work with a company like Credit They help you develop a plan of action. You get their expert guidance but you are responsible for implementing the plan. They won’t do it for you.

Choosing the right credit repair company is important

Choosing the right credit repair attorney is vital to getting you back on the track to good credit.  Getting information on credit repair attorneys is vital. Not just any law firm or attorney can handle credit repair. You need to make sure you take the time to contact them with a list of questions that are important to you. Not all credit repair attorneys are the same, some specialize in cases dealing with tough issues such as identity theft, while some handle bad credit due to divorce, some even specialize in negotiating debt along with credit repair.

First ask yourself:

  • How did you get into this situation?
  • Was it due to divorce?
  • Medical bills?
  • Lost job or lay offs?
  • Or did you just make some poor choices?

You must be honest with your potential attorney. Hiding bad credit is illegal and hence such a step should always be avoided. Instead, this information should be disclosed alongside explaining the genuine reasons for your current financial conditions.

Online Credit Repair Law Firms

  • Lexington Law Credit Repair

    – Call 1-877-292-6291 to talk to the leaders in credit report repair.

Characteristics of a good credit repair attorney

A good credit repair attorney will sit down with you and go over your credit report with you. They will point out the errors they feel they can help you with and walk you step by step through their process. In some cases, they may look at your credit report and suggest a debt consolidation program, or in more extreme cases they may suggest bankruptcy. Please take note, that not all credit repair attorneys are bankruptcy experts. Just like you would seek a second opinion from a doctor that suggest a drastic surgery, we suggest you get a second opinion about filing bankruptcy. With the new bankruptcy laws you can no longer file bankruptcy yourself, you must use an attorney. Just please make sure you understand the full effect filing bankruptcy will have on your credit report. During this initial interview, this is the time when you should have your list of questions to ask your attorney.

Legally Repair Bad Credit

Questions You Should Ask

  • How does your credit repair attorney correct information on your credit report?
    – there are some attorneys that prescribe to the same policy of repeatedly sending dispute letters to the credit reporting agencies in the hopes of getting information removed. A lot of times attorneys that do this, do so because the information on the report is correct, and they have no legitimate basis to request its removal
  • Has your attorney ever delt with a situation similar to yours, and if so how did they handle it
    – if the answer is yes, ask if they can give you a few refrences. Don’t be alarmed if they do not, a lot of people do not want it disclosed that they have had past credit problems.
  • How long do they feel it will take to work on your case . Keep in mind everyone’s situation is different. For some people a credit repair law firm maybe able to quickly remove inadequate information and get them back on the road to good credit. In some cases, espcially cases dealing with identity theft, it can take a lot longer
  • What kind of paperwork will you need to furnish them?
  • Will they write the letters, or will they advise you on letters to write and actions to take?
  • Make sure you understand their fee structure. Most attorneys charge a montly fee, depending on your situation they may offer you a flat fee.


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