How To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

dispute errors

All consumers have the right to dispute errors in his/her credit report. This right is based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act which became effective in 2003. Disputing errors protects a consumer against fraud and Identity Theft. Thus, in case there are unauthorized charges contained in the report, a consumer can alert the bureau and his/her creditors about them. An ...

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How To Understand Your Credit Report

credit report

There are three major credit reporting agencies that issue consumer credit reports and these are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each agency works independently and does its own credit monitoring so the report you get from Experian may be a little different from the report you get from Equifax or TransUnion. To ensure accurate reporting, it is recommended to order a ...

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How Unsecured and Secured Debt Consolidation Loans Can Help People

debt consolidation loans

Dealing with debt can be a stressful experience. Sometimes, seeking financial help from debt consolidation loan lender is the best thing to do. Today, let’s discuss how a secured or an unsecured debt consolidation loan can be a solution to your debt problem. Secured Debt Consolidation Loans A secured debt consolidation loan requires the submission of collateral to the lender. ...

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Can Debt Consolidation Hurt Your Personal Credit?

debt consolidation

Bad debt is one of the most difficult things to contend with. Most people turn to debt consolidation for help but others worry that by taking out a loan, they could be doing more damage to their credit history. But can debt consolidation really be bad for your personal credit? Should you skip consolidation and find other solutions? Debt Consolidation ...

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