Repairing Your Credit Online – How?

At the first sign of a bad credit problem, a person must take appropriate action right away. If not, bad credit can lead to worse problems and later on, it could be too late for repair. In this article, let’s discuss what positive steps you can do to improve poor credit. Take Positive Steps to Improve Your Credit There are ...

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Tips in Finding the Right Credit Repair Service

credit repair

Thousands of consumers seek credit repair help each year and many credit counseling agencies and organizations offer help across the United States. But not all of them offer genuine help. In this article, let’s discuss facts about repairing credit and how to find the right credit counseling service. Can You Legally Repair Credit? If you have credit problem, you may ...

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Bankruptcy: What to expect?

file for bankruptcy

The exact details on bankruptcy proceedings may vary from one State to another. For those who intend to file for bankruptcy, they should be aware of the bankruptcy laws amended in  October 17,2005 which no longer allowed you to file for bankruptcy on your own.  It laid out a series of procedures you must go thru first in order to ...

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Do You Qualify For A Debt Consolidation Loan?

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Debt consolidation may sometimes be necessary when debt problems get too much to handle. With the help of a consolidation loan, you can pay off all your existing debts at once. Such a move is beneficial in many ways. How? First, it instantly eliminates the stress and trouble of dealing with different creditors all the time. Because creditors are paid ...

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File Segregation – A bad idea

file segregation

File Segregation Is Fraud This old trick seems to be gaining popularity again. File segregation is the practice of creating a new credit file using a fake, stolen or some other form of tax identification number instead of your own social security number. Many people feel this is the only way they can enjoy good credit again, but one thing ...

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