Credit Repair Companies…Are they for real???

credit repair companies

Thinking of hiring a credit repair company? Well the answer is yes…and no. Companies that claim they will erase all your past credit mistakes are generally not being 100% honest. You can’t erase your past, you can just make better choices in the future. All a credit repair company can do for you is dispute items on your credit report…and ...

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How to Improve Your Personal Credit Score

improve your personal credit score

Quick Tips To Improve Your Personal Credit Score With interest rates on the rise.  Everyone is looking to refinance as quickly as possible.  Its imperative that you improve your personal credit score before you apply for your refinance.  Even if you just want to  apply for a personal loan or a new credit card.  Improve your chances not just of ...

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Getting Your Finances under Control with Debt Consolidation

When experiencing cash crisis and bad debt, anyone can feel confused and helpless. Some people can make decisions in a hurry in the hope to solve their problems right away. For instance, many consumers think that filing for bankruptcy is a quick and easy solution to extreme debt problem. But the truth is, seeking bankruptcy is not an easy escape ...

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Avoiding Home Foreclosure through Debt Consolidation

Can you really stop the process of foreclosure? The truth is, it would be a lot more difficult to stop foreclosure once your bank or lending company has already filed to start the process. Once you’re sent the Notice of Default, you’ll be racing against time to save your property. In this article, let’s talk about what you can do ...

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Which Is Better – Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy

When faced with debt problems, there are two things that one may consider- to seek bankruptcy or debt consolidation. Which of these two options are better? Experts may have their own opinions when it comes to making the right choice. Some financial experts may say that bankruptcy is a better choice because it allows you to be completely free from ...

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