Consumer Credit Repair Tips for 2012

Come 2012, many people will still need to repair their personal credit and dig themselves out of debt. If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t feel disheartened. You make an effort to repair bad credit and most of the steps that you can do are not complicated at all. Consider these tips:

1. Check your report. The first step is to check your personal credit report. Order copies of your annual credit report from the three major credit bureaus so you can evaluate the status of all your accounts. All consumers are entitled to receive one free report each year from

Are all the charges in your credit report correct? If you find errors or incorrect charges, you should send a credit dispute letter to the bureau that issued your report. Cleaning up errors from your credit report can take up to 30 days since the bureau will conduct its own investigation. If your dispute is valid, the errors will be corrected and the bureau will send an updated copy of your report for free. This step alone can boost your current low credit score by a few points.

2. Pay your creditors on time. Start the year right by paying all your monthly dues on time. If you seriously want to improve bad credit, you cannot afford to miss a single due date. What if you are confronted with an exceptionally large amount of debt?

If paying off all your debts at once is not possible, you must prioritize your debts and focus on paying off balances on one account at a time. Which of your account has the highest rate of interest? By paying off this account first, you can prevent your debts from quickly accumulating.

3. Negotiate your debts. You should also try to negotiate or speak with each of your creditors. Explain to a creditor your present financial situation. Some people might feel embarrassed to admit that they are experiencing financial crisis.

However, if creditors can see that you are willing to stand by your obligations despite the circumstances, they will be most likely to show consideration. Many creditors have made changes to their terms and conditions to help a borrower get out of debt.

4. Create a suitable repayment plan. It’s important to have a repayment strategy that is suitable to your situation. Sum up your total debts and compare it with your monthly income. On 2012, your primary task is debt repayment so you need to work out a budget that will help you achieve that goal more easily.

If you’re stuck in bad debt, the situation may demand that you make major changes with your spending habits and lifestyle, so be prepared. Keep in mind that despite the hardships that you may encounter, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free life once you free yourself from bad debt.

5. Seek professional counseling. It will also help if you can get advice from the experts. You can check out the NFCC (national Foundation for Credit Counseling) and the US Department of Justice’s ( website for a list of approved credit counseling agencies and non-profit credit counseling organizations in your region.


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Suzy Vanstrusen is a credit analyst and a writer on the website She has been providing consumers with tips and wise information about credit repair as well as helping you out more with your bad credit loans.  Copyright © 2012


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