Negotiate Your Debt Like A Professional!

negotiate your debt

Often when a consumer is up to their ears in debt and toying with the idea of filing for bankruptcy, but either can’t file or doesn’t want to, there are other options. Were you aware that the consumer can negotiate with their creditors and end up paying a significantly smaller amount than what is owed? Understanding The Creditors Point Of ...

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Guide To Finding Good Credit Repair Services

Get rid of bad credit

Advertisements on various types of credit repair services can be found everywhere. The fact that a lot of people need help or advice in rebuilding their credit history and credit score has brought about the emergence of companies or agencies offering credit repair services. How can you protect yourself against such companies? Consider these reminders.

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Does Your Company Need A Business Credit Card?

business credit card

Why Every Business Should Have A Business Credit Card All business owners have one goal, and that is for them to make a profit. Managing a business is not that easy. It requires a lotĀ of responsibility, hard work, and patience. Having a business credit card can be very convenient. Helps the business conserve cash With the use of a business ...

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The Benefits of Freezing Your Credit

When a credit report freeze is done, the file becomes inaccessible from all unauthorized views. All new inquiries will be blocked and only the owner of the report can request for the freeze to be lifted. Once it has been lifted, only the specified company will be able to access the report. Furthermore, the credit report score owner can decide how long the account can stay open to new inquiries.

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How to Take Charge of Your Credit Cards

Each year, millions of consumers incur credit card debt amounting to $5,000 and above. Some of them submit only the minimum due payment each month which means they also incur the additional interest rate, not to mention late fees, if they fail to pay by their due date.

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Dealing with Debt Collectors Firmly

Some agencies are known to violate the provisions of the Fair Debt Collections Act, treating borrowers in an offensive, forceful manner. Some debt collectors may even use threats in order to force payment. When confronted with this situation, what can you do?

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The New Forms of Credit Scoring and You

In the past years, various methods of credit scoring were used to calculate individual credit score. It used to be that credit score was mostly determined by the number of credit cards owned, the frequency of credit card charges, and the cardholder's capability to pay off these charges. Consequently, those who do not own credit cards may be regarded as a poor candidate for credit. As a result, people who cannot qualify for loans may have little choice but to seek out subprime lenders.

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