Filing A Credit Dispute To A Credit Bureau

Consumers have the right to check into their credit reports at any time. The Fair Credit Reporting Act clearly states that errors and false charges can be disputed. The three credit report firms (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) must respond to consumer disputes by conducting their own investigation on the matter.

It is not uncommon for credit agencies to make with their reporting. Sometimes the creditors who report your payment activities could be the ones at fault. However, there are cases when false information implies that the owner of the credit report has been a victim of identity theft or fraud. In any of these situations, you have the right to dispute.

Listed below are the correct steps when disputing errors in your credit report.

Compose a dispute letter. There are sample dispute letters online that you can use as a guide to creating your own. However, make sure that you are making a valid complaint. DO not include a very long explanation as to why you think the charges in your report are not valid. Make your letter precise, clear and straight to the point.

Observe professionalism. Don’t forget to follow the steps on writing a business letter. Make sure that your full name, complete address, phone number are provided. Observe proper salutation and formatting.

Send via registered post mail. Send your dispute letter through a registered post mail to make sure that you can be notified when your letter reaches the credit reporting agency.

Keep all documents for your reference. Keep all forms of your correspondence with your creditors or the credit bureau in a safe place. Compile these documents in a folder as these will be valuable references for you.

Wait for up to 30 days. Upon receiving your dispute letter, the credit agency must start an investigation that can take up to 30 days. If the dispute is found to be valid, the incorrect details must be removed from your credit report. The credit reporting agency will send you the result of the investigation along with an updated copy of your credit report.


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