Important Things that Must be Included in a Credit Dispute Letter

We all know that our loan prospects are largely dependent on our credit report. So, as much as possible we want to retain a high credit scores.

By paying your bills on time. And choosing credit cards that will report all the transactions to the three credit report firms. We strictly monitor our spending habits, just to avoid falling into debt traps. And we frequently obtain our free credit report to constantly check our credit standing. We do all of these just to be assured of getting excellent credit lines in the future.

But, what if after all your efforts, you still received a low credit score? Then this might be an indication of a bigger problem. And this time the problem is not in you. It is in the record-keeping activities of the three credit report firms. So, to resolve this problem, you must write a credit dispute letter.

Writing Your Letter of Dispute

Writing a credit dispute letter is relatively easy for most of us. After all it is very much similar to the standard business letters we write or type every day.

A letter of dispute has the following parts: heading, salutation, body, complimentary close and signature. In writing this letter, you must maintain a courteous and straightforward tone. It is often suggested that writers must use simple statements in explaining the errors in their reports. They should also state the actions that need to be done in relation to their credit records.

But, there are some things that you need to include in your letter of dispute. These will ensure that your dispute will be acted upon as quickly as possible. They will also assure you of getting a more accurate free credit report. And lastly, they will prevent you from taking costly bad credit repair service,just to restore your high credit score.

Allow us to discuss these important things that must be present in your credit dispute letter.

Things to Include in your Letter of Dispute

  1. Aside from providing your contact information, be sure to write your Social Security Number in the heading of your letter. Your social security number serves as the link that the credit bureau can use to connect your dispute to your credit records.
  2. The items that you are disputing must be very specific. You can use the terms erroneous, outdated, and misleading to describe the records in your report. You need to state the reason why you find your credit information inaccurate, unverifiable or totally wrong.
  3. Attach to your letter a copy your erroneous credit report. Highlight all the misleading information you have seen. You can also provide proof of payments that will support your claim of having an inaccurate credit report.
  4. If you have changes in your personal information or contact details, be sure to discuss them first in the body of your letter. You need to show them first before you enumerate the errors in your credit report.

Just include these important things in your credit dispute letter, and you can be assured of having your credit report completely repaired. This way, you won’t need to attend bad credit repair sessions anymore.


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