Tips On Writing A Credit Repair Letters

Consumers are advised to order a copy of their credit reports at least twice a year.  However, some people find errors in their reports and yet do not know what to do about it.  This article discusses the steps on how to write a credit repair letters.

Verify the wrong information. Before sending a letter dispute, make sure that you are making a valid complaint.  Carefully examine the details that you want to be corrected.  If you are disputing about unauthorized charges, see to it that these debts have been cleared or paid off.  Once you are sure about the issue you want to dispute, that’s the time you can prepare your letter.

Send a dispute letter.  Send your dispute letter to the Complaint Department of the Credit Bureau that issued your report.

Observe correct letter format. Your dispute letter must include your complete name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.  Your personal details must be written at the top of your letter so that the bureau will immediately know who is disputing and where to send response.

Explain the problem clearly.  Check sample dispute letters from the internet and observe the correct formatting.  However, instead of printing out these letter templates, compose your own letter of dispute.

Send copies of supporting documents.  Include copies of supporting documents (bills, receipts, transaction records) with your letter.  Don’t forget to enumerate in the last part of your letter all the documents enclosed in your mail.

Follow up. You may need to wait up to 30 days before the investigation is completed.  If you have not received a response after 30 days, send a follow up credit dispute letter, reminding the credit bureau of their obligation to take action.  Include a copy of your original complaint in your follow up letter along with the documents that support your claim.


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