Tips on Writing a Dispute Letter to a Collection Agency

Creditors usually transfer the collection of debts that are long past due to a collection agency. Many consumers have experienced problems in dealing with a collection agency. Some agencies have been known to violate the rules stipulated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

As a borrower, you have the right to dispute and stop debt collection if you want to. Although it does not exempt your from the obligation to pay your debts, it buys you time until a validation has been done, it protects your consumer rights, and it gives you the assurance that the charges you will be paying off are really the debts you owe from your original creditor.

Below are practical tips on writing an effective credit dispute letter to a collection agency.

Get to the point. A dispute letter doesn’t need to be a long one. Keep it short. Point out the items you are disputing along with a clear, concise explanation.

Be specific. Be sure to state the specific transaction you are disputing and the complete name of the creditor involved.

Demand for a clear calculation of your debts. Ask your debt collection agency how they arrived with their calculation. There is no need to discuss the history of your debts in your letter. Let your debt collection agency fill you in with the details.

Request for debt collection to stop. In your letter, tell your debt collection agency that the best way to reach you is through mail since you are not available to take in calls during work hours.   If you have a lawyer, let your debt collector know that they can discuss matters about your debts with your lawyer.

Do not submit a dispute letter template. You can find credit dispute letter templates online but it is strongly recommended that you create your own. These templates are overused and are often ignored by debt collectors. On the other hand, writing in your own words intensifies the validity of your complaint.

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