Credit Repair Companies…Are they for real???

Thinking of hiring a credit repair company?

Well the answer is yes…and no. Companies that claim they will erase all your past credit mistakes are generally not being 100% honest.

You can’t erase your past, you can just make better choices in the future.

All a credit repair company can do for you is dispute items on your credit report…and to be quite honest since you are on this site, you know you can do that yourself! All you need is access to all 3 credit bureaus. Companies like from Experian can provide you with instant access to your credit report. As there name states the “Free” report they give you is only for Experian, but if you upgrade (and I would if I was you) you can see all 3 scores.

Choosing a credit repair company

Most agencies just send out removal request after removal request to the credit bureaus hoping that they might be able to get 1 or 2 thru. Its not real credit repair just being obnoxiously persistent! Many credit bureaus are wise to this practice and begin to discount and penalize such request by flagging your account. That way when they get yet another letter requesting removal of some credit line or another from you , they will not give it the attention it deserves.

Save yourself time and money! Only dispute LEGITIMATE errors on your credit report. You can use the letters on this site, but make sure you write an ORIGINAL letter explaining your UNIQUE situation. Believe me, the agencies have probably seen a lot of these credit repair letters that you find online already. You will not get the attention that you need and deserve sending a form letter.

Make sure your letter is detailed and if you have any proof, include a copy of it in your letter. Keep track of your disputes and all responses you receive back. If you are not good with details or record keeping then ask a family member or friend to help you. If you they can’t help you, then and only then would I contact one of the many online companies to do it for you. One such company is Lexington Law Firm.Good Luck!


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  1. Before I was one of those people who believe that credit repair makes my credit mistakes disappear. Of course, it was so foolish of me. But can’t blame me. With all those advertisements, I was fooled. But then it was explained to me. Why am I leaving a comment here? To say thanks to the writer of this article. For people like you take time and effort to give readers infos that really helps. Thanks again.

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