Consumers Settling Their Debt On Their Own Becoming A Common Practice

Debt Settlement :  Instant Credit Repair?

A lot of people are looking for a quick way to increase their credit score.  Bringing your debt down is one of the ways you can see a quick boost to your credit score.  Ideally, you pay your debt down so that you are below  30% utilization.  But sometimes its just not possible to pay off your debt without first getting an extra job or winning the lottery!   But did you know that many banks and credit card companies are accepting settlements on outstanding debts in lieu of full payment. In days gone by you needed to be a master negotiator (and it doesn’t hurt if you are a great negotiator) now the current economy has made it common practice for companies to accept at least SOMETHING towards the debt.  (If you need some tips on how to negotiate your debt, please read this article)

Debt Settlement

Of course you won’t find any signs up in their offices shouting out “We accept debt settlements”, but many consumers are finding that a simple phone call to their credit card company can result in a 50% reduction in their debt, the catch is you need to be able to offer them a lump sum settlement. Lets say you owe them $1000. To work a good deal you need to be able to tell them hey, I know  my credit card debt with you is $1000 (or bank loan, whatever the case maybe) but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up the payments. What I would like to do is offer you a lump sum settlement of $500 which I will pay within one week of obtaining a letter from you on your company letter head, signed by a manager that my lump sum settlement will be considered payment in full for this debt (or loan).   And while you are at it,  ask them to show the debt as “Paid  or Paid As Agreed” instead of Settled.  Its a small difference, but it looks better on your credit report.

You may have to fight a bit for that 50% but it can be done. If you are a great negotiator you might be able to do that easily or get an even bigger reduction.

For anyone who isn’t a master negotiator take the time to practice with someone. Have a friend pretend to be the credit card company, and practice, practice, practice until you can do it easily and feel comfortable. Have your max amount in mind, but start off low and let them work you towards that. If they don’t bite, don’t be afraid to hang up and try again on another day. You may get a better service rep. Good luck!

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  1. Sometimes, due to a quite expensive service charge,People tend to just do things on their own. And settling debt is not an exception. Many consumers tried debt settlement by themselves. And it worked for some. That’s what the power of persuasion can do. But just in case things doesn’t go as you planned and practiced it, then that’s the time to seek help.

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