Best Tips on DIY Credit Repair

Although many credit repair companies tell you that Do it yourselfyou need their services to get your financial life back in order, the truth is, you can fix your credit  problems yourself. You don’t need to keep asking other people to fix your credit because the true power to do such lies within your hands. You probably already know the basics of fixing your credit, but we all know that the process is a little scary at first. So here are several ways to improve your credit score today:

•    First thing you should do is to take action now. Do not let time pass by and wait for someone to fix your credit because you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run. If you do not want your life to be ruined by having low credit scores and having to pay higher interest rates, then you need to start doing something about it right now!

•    Once you have decided to take action , the next practical thing to do is to order your credit report. This will tell you where you stand right now and the things you need to deal with right away.

•    After you know what is on your credit report You can start creating your credit repair plan . Your top priority is to sort all incoming bills by the date they are due. Get everything organized and start making payments on time before interests and fees start to add up.

•    Create a monthly budget and stick to it. It may take a few months of carefully scrutinizing your spending habits to find the areas where you can cut back, but this is a very important step. That little $5 cup of Starbucks that you stop for each morning is actually an extra $100 you can put towards your bills at the end of the month.

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•    Finally, start working on reducing your overall debt. You may need to consider getting a part time job. Just think about it like this, yes, you are going to have to work extra hard for a while, but the long term benefits of being out of debt and improving your credit will be more than worth the short term discomfort.

You can fix your credit on your own without the use of a credit repair company. The first step and the hardest, is to acknowledge you are in trouble and not just talk about fixing your credit, but create a plan and a budget and stick to it!



  1. Many of these credit repair companies charge massive amounts for their services, when they can be done by yourself. Unfortunately, most people do not want to take the time to learn how to repair their credit, nor do they want to stick to a monthly budget for their spending. Hopefully, people will learn that they cannot simply keep building debt upon debt, and that in order to be financially stable a budget is a must.

    • Hi Patrick, thanks for visiting! Yes, credit repair thru companies can be VERY expensive. I always recommend that a person try to do it themselves first, and if they are unsuccessful, or feel like they are getting no where fast. Then move on to hiring a company. DIY credit repair requires a lot of patients and great organizational skills. It can also be a little bit stressful. So if someone does do well under those conditions, its good to get outside help.

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