Writing an Effective Credit Dispute Letter

Do you need to write a credit dispute letter? If you recently checked your credit report and noticed unauthorized charges or incorrect details in one of your accounts, then you should definitely send a dispute letter to the bureau that issued your report.

The question is, how can you write an effective dispute letter that will surely get the bureau’s attention? On this post, we present tips and techniques on writing credit repair letters:

Check your facts. Before going through the process of cleaning up your credit report, see to it that your dispute is a valid one. If you want to dispute debts that you already paid but still appear as unpaid in your report, see to it that you have proofs that you did send payment.

Check out sample letters online. You can find sample credit dispute letters from the internet. Look for ones that tackle an issue or problem that is quite similar to your own situation. You can actually use these letters as a guide on creating your own. However, be careful not to copy the exact sample letter as you may forget to change the details.

Proofread your letter before sending it out. Make sure that there are no typographical errors or grammatical errors in your letter. Double check the details especially the items in your report that needs corrections. Check the spelling of your name and your address to make it easy for the bureau to locate your file and to make sure that your identity will not be mixed up with another person.

Make it clear and straightforward. A dispute letter need not be lengthy or elaborate. You do not need to include the full story behind your dispute. What’s important is for you to point out the exact error in your report and provide a brief explanation why you it needs to be corrected. Two to three short paragraphs should be enough.

Enclose a photocopy of your report. Include a photocopy of your latest credit reports and mark the items that you are disputing. Mention in your letter that a copy of your credit report is enclosed.

Enclose proofs of your claim. Include COPIES of receipts or documents that support your claim. Never send the original documents as this will be your personal reference. Mention the specific documents you’ve enclosed in your letter.

Send via First Class Mailing. First Class Mailing gives you the Return to Sender option. This way, you can be sure that your credit dispute letter will reach the credit bureau and not get lost along the way.

Wait for 15-30 days. Upon receiving your letter, the bureau must send a response informing you that an investigation regarding your complaint has already been started. The investigation can take up to 30 days to complete. If your dispute is found valid, the bureau will send an updated copy of your credit report for free and it will notify the two other major credit reporting agencies about the corrections made in your file.


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