Using Debt Management To Avoid Bad Credit

Do it yourself

Debt Management begins with first assessing the situation.  Grab a notebook and start keeping track of your spending.  This will be your debt diary, much like a food diary dieters use.   After a week or two, look thru your debt diary and start looking for things you can cut back on.  The goal is to try to start paying down ...

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Why scam artist love prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit card scams on the rise Prepaid debit card scams are becoming the new choice for scam artist looking to target those who are easily taken advantage of, such as the elderly and immigrant communities. There are many ways in which these scam operations are being completed, but they mainly involve threatening phone calls from “companies” whom the victim’s ...

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Which Is Better – Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation

debt consolidation loans

When faced with debt problems, two of the most common options people consider are bankruptcy or debt consolidation. Which of these two options are better? Experts may have their own opinions when it comes to making the right choice. Some financial experts may say that bankruptcy is a better choice because it allows you to be completely free from debts. ...

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